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What do we call the product/company you are building?

Where can we find {{answer_SHVZFfCKIDby}} online?
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Simple one-line description of what the company does. e.g. Blockchain-based boxer shorts for men in Botswana
Problem *

Why does {{answer_SHVZFfCKIDby}} exist? What problem is it solving?
Solution *

How is it solving the stated problem?
Timing and Justification *

Why is now the best time for this product to exist? Why are you tackling this problem? Why has no one taken this approach before?

If others have tried and failed, how is this iteration different? Why will it succeed where others didn’t?

What alternatives exist today (how are people currently solving the problem), and how is {{answer_SHVZFfCKIDby}} better?
Market *

How large is the opportunity you are pursuing?

How much are customers spending on alternative solutions right now? (Please provide references for all the figures you quote.)

If the market does not exist yet, or you don’t have data, use proxies to explain why you think it will come to exist or grow bigger in the future.

What consumer / user habits have to change for you to hit your growth / market share targets over the next 5 years?
Product Development Roadmap *

When did you start working on {{answer_SHVZFfCKIDby}}? What product milestones have you achieved since then?

How far along on your roadmap are you? What will you achieve over the next 12 months?
Traction *

How many users or customers have you acquired since launch?

How many are ‘active’ today? What is the avg. weekly growth rate? What share (%) of users churn every month?

How much revenue do you make every month? How much revenue have you made so far?

Feel free to include details about any key partnerships or agreements signed or in view.
Business Model *

How does/will this product make money? Why did you choose this monetization strategy?

How are you currently acquiring users or customers?

How much does it cost to deliver one unit of your product or serve one customer (a breakdown would be nice), and how much do you make from each one on average?
Team *

Give us some background information about the founders and other core team members (provide LinkedIn links, if possible).

How much equity does each person have, and what is their role within the team?

Why is this team the best-equipped to solve this problem? If it is not, what gaps have you identified and how will you fill them?
Investment Expectations *

How much are you looking to raise in this round? At what valuation?

What does your current capitalization table look like (who holds equity, and how much)? Have you raised investment before? If yes, on what terms?
Investment Output *

What will you spend the money on? What milestones will it help you achieve, and how long will it take you to achieve them?
Rationale ⚡️ *

Why do you think Ventures Platform is a good fit for {{answer_SHVZFfCKIDby}}? How, exactly, can we help you grow your business?
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